Sunday, July 19, 2009

Karma, The Book

Recently, I was cleaning or at least moving things around and dusting shelves where the books reside. It is a dangerous deal to get me next to books, as the job may or may not get done. That is, whether I find something really interesting, or I haven't read it yet. This time, I did not get the job done.
On a very high shelf, where there weren't any books, something caught my eye. Way in the back of the shelf, where I could barely see, was a package. It was a very slim, thin package in plastic. When I pulled it out, I could still not see what was inside. Naturally I got off the step stool. With the package in my hand, I sat down. And what I found was this very old book. I had never seen it before and knew nothing about it. It seemed very fragile and since it appeared to be over 100 years, it was delicate.
I live in my parents house. I thought I had cleared all the shelves and closets and knew what was in my house. But no, here was the treasure.
My father had very esoteric interests. He was an engineer, a photographer in his younger days with his own darkroom, a designer and an astrologer.
So, one of the remnants of his life was this book. I have no idea who he bought it from or if he received it as a gift.
Please enjoy the dedication of Leo Tolstoy and the beautiful photos of some of the drawings included in the book.


patrice said...

Wow! That Quon Yin (sp?) illustration with the dangling spider is wonderful. Is she offering redemption in the form of a spider?
What a treasure to find!

leilani said...

Just think. You were living with this treasure all this time and it waited until now to be discovered.

I love happenings like this--they make life so absolutely wonderful!

leanne said...

What an amazing blog you have. Thank you!