Monday, July 27, 2009

Kitten Up Date

The weekend is over and I worked in the shop, people came over for the Dog Club and it wasn't till yesterday afternoon that I could work on my purse project. So I have nothing to show and it wouldn't be fair to show something that isn't done. When a person is sewing. partial demos don't really show the idea or the path. Also, I am at a point with the purse, that I must pause and decide.
So, by saying all that, here are the kittens. Not Kittens? But of course, they will always be my kittens! I know they are getting full size. I hardly ever see them on this ottoman anymore. But they were in a togetherness mode!
Besides, it was a lazy Sunday for them!!


patrice said...

more chicken please!

oh. and do you have any of that 1/2 & 1/2 left?


Phyllis said...

You have the most beautiful cats in the world! I love the total contrast of all black and all white. Of course they will always be your kittens. I would say the same thing. What a lovely image. You are fortunate to have such beauty and elegance amidst your surroundings. Please keep sharing these lovely creatures.

Yes. Sometimes it is best to share something after it is finished, not during the stage of messy decision making. My experience has been one of regret in showing too soon.