Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Attraction of Jewels from the Sea

There aren't a lot of gems from the Sea but there are some significant ones. I think that we would all agree that Pearls are very special. In a way, reflecting our own gestation as creatures. A grain of sand is planted into the Oyster and the the Oyster takes care of it until it is ready to be "born" in the light. A rather fanciful way of looking at it but then the Pearl is a rather fanciful gem. The layers of colors that are reflected in the light. It draws me closer and I want to hold it up and turn it around to see all the variants of color. And the variety of colors of the Pearls are seemingly endless. The Brown, Black, Pink, Cream, Ivory, White, Violet and Lavender are very beautiful. I have even seen a Brass Gold string of Pearls. Hard for most people to wear but if one had the right complexion, what a knock out!

Here is my Saturday offering of the bewitching Pearl. I love Black Pearls. When I received all of my uncle's Gems, there were these small Black Pearls of various colors. I picked out all the different colors, so when I looked at the bracelet I could enjoy the variety of colors. The band is Silver and I hammered it into the shape of my wrist.


beadbabe49 said...

Gorgeous! Pearls have been special to me since childhood days spent on puget sound opening oysters with my dad and finding the (very) occasional tiny pearl.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I too love black pearls...receiving my first ring as a teenager (lost at the bottom of Lake Tahoe) This bracelet is spectacular. I love the simple silver setting with these JEWELS set in a row!