Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Matter of Taste

One goes through life assuming that taste or ideas of beauty are more or less universal. There is a Bell Curve on beauty. But from my discussion yesterday, my thoughts have changed.
I found this dried
remnant of Grape Ivy in my yard. The plant is on a fence and it grows, and grows, and grows. But this one piece was not cleared up from the last pruning. I picked it up and looked at it, really looked at it. The beauty was amazing. Here was something that was once alive and now had died. But the beauty was still there.
enthusiastically showed it to this another person. This other person looked and they looked hard like I did. But they just couldn't see the beauty. That is bewildering as well as wonderful. It makes this world larger bigger, large enough to encompass many more things than my mind will ever encounter. Now if I can incorporate that idea into my everyday life, my life will be bigger and more wonderful.


Phyllis said...

I will never forget the first time I realized this concept. It was prompted by a feeling or sensitive response to something I felt very deeply about. I was amazed that this person did not feel completely touched in the way that I had. From then on I knew that everyone had a different response to people and situations and I could not expect my own to be universal.

Well, I think this is so beautiful!! So we are definitely seeing through the same eyes. When I first looked at it I thought they were velvet leaves and berries. I hope you do keep this very wonderful treasure!

Phyllis said...

One more thing....I LOVE your new banner!!!