Thursday, July 16, 2009

Next Project

I don't know if I enjoy the planning or the actual work of a new project. With the planning, I get to think about how I will work the fabric and how to adorn the purse and that is a lot of fun. I can go this way and use this sort of handle or I can go that way and put stones on it and it all is in the panorama of my mind. The actual sewing ends up making it into "stone" and what if I hate it. When that happens, it goes into the bottom drawer for retrieval at some future date.
This is what I plan on for this weekend: these lovely pieces of silk, combined to make a small clutch bag. I will find some semi-precious stones to adorn it and it will become a "Dinner Bag".
Right now, this is how I am thinking. Come this weekend, who knows?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...


patrice said...

I'm imagining you in your bright studio, your ipod playing, the cats looking at you from their perch, the sound of your sewing machine purring away.

mavis said...

such fun-enjoy!