Friday, April 10, 2009

A View From a Window

I have been trying to puzzle why a view from a window is so captivating, so evocative. Could it be the freedom of the outdoors, or the offer of a better future, maybe spring day? I don't have an answer but every time I see a photo like this, I always pause and reflect. The tantalizing promise of the magic ring actually being possessed is what resonates with me. You remember Rapunzel, who was captive in her tower? There she is, holed up, unable to get out. She looks out the window and there is freedom, fresh air and if she looks down, she can imagine running though the forest and lying under a tree. To me, a view from a window, is ultimate freedom.

This is not my house and at the time, it was no one's house. Just on the market. The people that I accompanied to the house, did buy it eventually. I took the photo. They however, did not need photos because the dream had already captured them.


Pat said...
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patrice said...

Sometimes when I look out a window, I think of the view as fine art. Art that's just mine. Ever changing art.