Friday, April 24, 2009

Every Day Kind of Woman

I have always had a love affair with corduroy. I can't pinpoint when it began but I think the tactile quality has something to do with my attraction to it. I remember my first boyfriend wore a shirt of baby wale corduroy, that is not part of this story.
When I planned this bag, I was looking for an everyday purse. I do not change purses very often and matching my purse to my outfit isn't a necessity. My normal wear is jeans and a t-shirt. I do rough work and anything else would get destroyed so, the idea was a decent bag for when I dash off to the Bank, Post Office or Pet Store.
This is exceptionally soft corduroy. There are two pockets in front and there is a Celtic Knot at the top of the straps. I put the Knot there because when a person is moving around, the straps slip off the shoulder. Now there is enough width that they do not move.
The inside lining is a lovely Japanese abstract print of fish and the inside is divided into two parts with pockets on either side.

When I got this far, I stood back and said "This is just plain". And I sat down and thought I need to spice it up. The front pockets now are trimmed in Amber with Gold spheres. Now, it is ready to go to the Bank or the Pet Store.


patrice said...

It's the small detail that makes your work so exceptional. The knotted shoulder strap, the pockets, lining and details. This one could wear for a long long time it seems.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I agree, this one would wear itself out...a real workhorse of a purse but with beauty and detail.

I checked out the film on your artist and found it so again have a treasure!

phyllis said...

I love corduroy too. It is such a comforting fabric. The bag is now nice and I love the lining and embellishment. It is so much fun to have different bags to vary with moods and weather.