Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Lure of Lapis Lazuli

I love jewelry but unique, singular jewelry. I enjoy how people wear it and use it as a talisman. Whether they know it or not, it has deep meaning for them. It gives respect to their body, mind and even their soul. When I read about finding amulets and beads in the graves of prehistoric man, I know that we are the inheritor of these traditions. When I wear a ring over and over again, my connection with the unconscious is as deep as any man that lived eons ago, for I have put soul into the wearing of the ring.
Growing up I read about the Egyptians and their use of stones. I read about Lapis Lazuli. The writer asked me to visualize the color of the night sky with stars. But the magic of the words and the beauty that they promised was the only thing that I could visualize. I was hungry to see this magical stone. I fell in love with the idea before I saw the stone. What was so perfect was that when I finally saw the stone, I knew I fell in love with reality and not an imperfect idea. It took a while before I was able to possess any Lapis but my love has never diminished.
I made this with tumbled Lapis Lazuli, Apricot Cultured Pearls, and an antique Chinese Ivory Bead carving of a horse.


patrice said...

I love this piece! The rustic quality of the tumbled lapis has an timeless quality that matches the Chinese Bead. I wonder what book that was that spoke of the Egyptians and the night sky? It sounds wonderful!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Lovely, beautiful necklace Pat.The carved bead is amazing as well as the pearls and the lapis stands on it's own...night sky!!
I fell in love with a lapis ring about 20 years ago, it was old, vintage 1920's is a favorite of mine.

patrice said...

Hi Pat, I love your blog and this is Annie. I know you've seen my blog before, I have a new post and I want you to see it. Did you watch the funny movie on my first post? And I appreciate that you are coming to my house on Thursday and I made you something to surprise you with. Oh and I just want to say again that your blog is nice! I think Penelope is goofy for putting everything in the trash because she's a little cutie!
See you in two days. Bye! Love Annie.

Phyllis said...

What a beautiful piece. I love unique jewelry like this. It has such richness and exotic appeal.