Friday, April 3, 2009

New Tricks Learned

I am very happy that I was here to witness this new trick. If not, I would never been able to figure out what happened.
I was at the computer and Penelope was sitting beside the monitor. Of course, she was partially obscuring the monitor but I can move, right? I had the mug of my father's that I use for pencils, pens, and emory board or two and for some reason a seam ripper on the side of the monitor. Penelope was digging in the mug and carefully picking up the pens, pencils and seam ripper and dropping them into the waste paper basket that I had positioned under the table. I put the waste paper basket there so that I only had to reach over and drop the extraneous printer papers. I did not move the basket, but I did move the mug to ther other side of the monitor.
If you look carefully, you might be able to see a pencil, a blue seam ripper, and an emory board. It sure reminded me of party games we played when I was little. The little darling!

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patrice said...

I wonder how many things you've lost since you were "rescued" by the two kittens? How many times have you emptied that trash and not seen the treasures they've tossed out!