Tuesday, April 21, 2009

El Mercado

I totally enjoy artistry from Mexico. The colors are vibrant and resonate with happiness. I respond to this art. I feel happier, fulfilled and know the world is a better place. Is that a little overblown? Maybe, but this is how it works for me. This was painted in 1973 by Carlos Coronado Ortega. He was young at the time and I lost track of him but found that he is doing well and has become as great as I thought he would.This link will show the power and strength this man possesses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkqPq4CRHUs. I hope he and his family are happy and as the video show he seems to be still painting his Mexican scenes. But the power has become amplified.
I saw him paint (over a few days) a very large painting depicting a Reindeer Dancer. It was inspiring and a little intimidating to watch the speed of his creation. I did not have the funds to purchase it but knew that what ever I did have of his, I would treasure.I have studied this painting over the years and each time it brings to mind this hot pink rebozo shawl that I wore every day. I loved what that shawl did for my coloring and the statement it made about me.For me, that is what art is. It goes to the fundamental in all of us. It goes to the primitive brain and we wear it like a talisman. It goes forth and protects us from the unseen forces.

May we all wear our Art well.
Carlos Coronado Ortega
Acryllic on Canvas. 26 x 34, 1973


Phyllis said...

I LOVE this painting. I could easily live with this every hour of the day. What a treat to be able to view and know something I would never have seen otherwise. I also thought your description of the work and artist and philosophy to be very rich with depth and meaning.

patrice said...

I do love the life of this piece. I like where you have it too. Like a low window with a view into a village marketplace, bursting with color. I also like the anonymous way he paints the figures. Gives me plenty of space to fill in the identities on my own.