Friday, April 17, 2009

The Universal Hand

Sometimes everything comes together and it is easy. That is when I think that finally, I am getting it. Getting to understanding, getting to stand on my own two feet, getting my slippery hand into the Universal Consciousness and stealing the fire of artistry. That is how it felt to create this necklace.
I will only wear it on special occasion. Occasions when I feel that I am "all together". I can't tell you when or what occurs but I know when it is here. As a result, it is not too often.
The small red beads are Carnelian and also the large carved stones, but the large beads are carved roses carved in India. The pearls are Apricot Fresh Water Pearls, and Gold and Silver beads. The Universal Hand is Indian Silver.

This is very fun to wear as it causes lots of comments. See, others recognize when the Universal Consciousness has been tapped.


patrice said...

Oh and the clasp! There is nothing on that piece that isn't spectacular! I'll hand it to you, it's a winner.

Phyllis said...

I am blown away by this piece. It is fabulous! I hope you are creating jewelry on a regular basis. This is such a wonderful piece in so many ways. I love the clasp too. This has so much to it. Very fine work and craft.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I agree! This is a beautiful piece and I can imagine the attention when you wear it...on a sweater would be splendid! Yes, your work is fine work and tasteful in choices and combinations. Bravo!