Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Purse

I think that this is almost done. There is one more thing to do but I haven't decided which way to go. I have been carefully working on this purse for about three weeks. I take a LONG time to work on my purses. When I was in high school, I could whip out a dress in a night but since I don't have an example of the sewing quality, I can't say if that was great or not. And, since I work all week, the weekend is the only time I have for myself and other things call to me. Anyway, I take a long time to finish anything.

I had hoped to finish before I went to San Francisco, but no. We had some rush orders that needed my attention and I couldn't slip out of the shop.

This is rugged fabric. It is fabric that would stand up to my abuse. I toss the purse down, use it as a pillow, stuff to many papers in it, and sometimes children put their sticky hands on it. So, I need a purse that can stand up to abuse. I think that this might. It takes all my most needed items: wallet, telephone, cosmetic bag and a sometimes book. So, I am thinking that this just might be the next one I will use. The one that I sling around now, I have had for about three years. It still looks pretty good. But a change is definitely needed.

There are three pockets on the inside, one for a cell phone, one for pens and the other for keys.

This is one of the Brass medallions that are positioned on either side. The bead is Orange Jadeite. Looks nifty, doesn't it.

Yes, this might be the one!


patrice said...

Mmmmm. That fabric looks wonderful and I love all of the custom features. What is the fabric on the inside? And is it a magnet that closes it?
Love it!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It's a keeper alright! The most beautiful fabric and it looks sturdy too!

Phyllis said...

What a gorgeous handbag. I love the closure/button. How nice to have a bag that is sturdy as well as beautiful.