Thursday, October 1, 2009

Treasures in the Hand

These are new doodads that I got off ebay. I think I need to go on a 12 step program to learn to resist ebay. But these pieces are still wonderful and I will use them as fobs on purses. The white pieces are carved Jadeite and the dark one is Nephrite Jade. They are all carved but the best piece is the middle one. And with my photographic skills in its infancy, I don't know the tricks to show how beautiful it is but please trust me.
The white pieces came with their own string necklaces. Really very beautifully done. When I get a package from the Orient, it is so exciting because the wrapping is different and my stomach always says " Oh goody something special". It feels a little like Christmas and then the feeling is complete when I look at my treasures.


Phyllis said...

Fobs on purses. What a great idea! These are wonderful, and I know what you mean when you get a package from a foreign and exotic culture. It is always so exciting and different. Something about these pieces that draws a person in. I think it is partly the sense that they are rich with cultural symbolism, but also they seem inherently worthy, no sham or cheap "things". We see so much stuff in this country that it is refreshing and soul-sustaining to see something so different and special.

patrice said...

So the middle one is a cluster of beads in that light greenish color? I love the way they are fastened together.
Can't wait to see what you create!