Friday, October 9, 2009

Nemesis or Mentor

I happened to find a cache of Grosgrain Ribbon. There were a variety of colors and for a long time I looked and studied the beauty of pure color. I finally had an insight. I made a frame and wove the many varied hues. Just doing that gave a great pleasure. But once that happened, the next idea came to me and I thought that what a splendid idea, not knowing that this simple idea was what all simple ideas require: an expert hand to implement this simple idea. For without good hands, it comes to nothing. Well, this is why I call this my Nemesis. What I was to attempt, challenged all my abilities. At all times the ribbons threatened to fall apart and the fact that I had never sewed on leather with such dedication to exactness made me frustrated and exasperated.

This is the third one. I ripped repeatedly and threw leather away. But each time I started over, I learned. So, I really can't complain because knowledge hard earned is knowledge valued.

The inside of the purse is an amazing sky blue Raw Silk. How I have saved this beautiful silk. I squirreled it away for the perfect project and this is what I chose. It is the purse for its intended use:


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Amazing Pat! Sewing on must have a fine machine. So true about nemesis being mentors...hard lessons but the feeling of satisfaction is sweet! You must be a formidable shopper!

patrice said...

Ugh! It's stunning with the woven grosgrain. I love grosgrain! I love you purses! When I think they couldn't be any better, voila!, the insides are always amazing and perfect in their craftmanship.

patrice said...

that would be "your" in the above post.

Phyllis said...

The way you wove the grosgrain is! I also love the beautiful blue as a lining for the inside. Beauty on the outside as well as the inside. I must say I marvel at your patience. It is extraordinary.