Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Birthday

Well, the kittens are now junior adults, although I may call them "The Kittens" for the of the time. They were both born in the beginning of October, so I figured that "we" will celebrate their birthdays on the same day. They thought that was a terrific idea. "We love each other and want our birthdays together", they said. I asked what they wanted for a cake and Penelope said "Remember that good stuff you gave us a long, long, long time ago". I said "Yes, Penelope, I remember and it wasn't that long ago". "Okay, I will get it". "And, we want a candle!". I responded, "No, no candle. It is dangerous". So, we settle on the Mickey Mouse One. And here it is.
And now they are one.


Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you "kittens" get lots of treats from your mum Pat and that she lets you do anything you want for a whole day (or at least a few hours).

I am sending you special kitty hugs, and I know what those are because I have 3 kitties that have taught me the measure and balance of what that means.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday to your kittens!
I love your eBay purchases, it will be interesting how they show up in your work!

mavis said...

how fun-lucky kitties!