Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Work in Progress

After I finished the purse last weekend, I felt empty and bereft of a friend. It always seems like when I finish something that took a lot of work, thinking, and effort, I just feel depleted. And the other thing I have found out is that just resting makes me very nervous.
So I went to my fabric vault (a chest of drawers that I put some of my fabric in) and just took fabric out. I looked at the fabric, ran my hands over the fabric. I was like I was gaining energy from my source!
Well, I did gain energy. I took what I learned in one bag and now I am proceeding to the next one. The completed vision is now plaguing me for its existence in this world.
Here is a close up of my "quickie frame" and what the colors look like:


mavis said...

how lovely the colors you used are-a combination of sunrise and sunset.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It looks like you want to use what you learned from the last one and create a new vision...wonderful beginnings. I love the colors.

Phyllis said...

That is absolutely amazing, a work of art! Beautiful and inspiring. I know what you mean about just resting and this making you nervous. This it my constent mode. I cannot sit still for a minute. I have to have something in the works. What will you do with this? A purse? Just looking at it is enough it is so dynamic.