Monday, October 26, 2009

Astro Boy Halloween

My son has always loved Halloween. We would spend a long time discussing what he would be on Halloween. He was Batman, a cowboy, the nerd from Ghostbusters (that was my favorite) and many others. He passed on his enjoyment of Halloween to his children. All year my son was telling me that Hollis would be Batman and Jordan was going to make it. Hollis always said he was going to be Robin t0 Jordan's Batman. Somebody wasn't listening. Finally Hollis dug in his heels and said he wanted to be Astro Boy. As life would have it, time became very short to make and Jordan needed to be doing his own work. So doing what all super heroes do, Ta Ta, I stepped in to save the day. I spent all weekend figuring, fetching and sewing. I had to look up Astro Boy in Wikipedia because that is the version that had to made. And all the incumbent problems had to be solved. The main was was the "boots". And I thought the main one was that it was night time and Hollis needed some kind of covering. So, I dyed a "hard to find at a moments notice" white Tee shirt.

This is my offering to my darling Hollis. I sure hopes that he likes it and if he doesn't not to tell me. Little hope in that, I'm sure.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Bravo!! I think you did it but then I don't know anything about this character. I hope he likes it. The boots are wonderful!