Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Saturday Morning

I usually walk Frida early in the morning. She likes to walk as soon as I am willing to take her. Her muscles are building up. When Simon was still with us, I would split the walk in half, giving each their fair share. But since I now walk just Frida, she needed to stretch her muscles more. And I did too. One never knows how the break in between the both, to take leaches off and put them back on again, acted as a rest. We now have added to our walk. Frida so looks forward to it and I have found that I do too.
When I walked out the door this morning, this is what greeted me. This is a Canas and is a plant best suited to warmer climates like Los Angeles. I received this plant as a gift and this is the second flowering. I really enjoy the color and the brightness it offers.
On our walk, we go through homes, businesses and a mix of both on the same street. But this place seems to combine both in one place. I enjoy seeing how people personalize their buildings. I would say that these people must use the fenced-in area as a outdoor living space. It looks quite nice from the street. the color combination and angles.
Frida and I enjoyed our walk. Both of us are adapting to the absence of our sweet Simon.


patrice said...

I'm sure Frida is loving the extended walks and that you and she both are starting to heal after the loss of Sweet Simon. I love that you took a picture of this place. It makes me want to peek over the fence to get a good look.

Phyllis said...

Walking is healing for the soul too. Sounds like you are finding a space that will comfort you a little at a time. I love the way you wrote this post and the photos.