Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Box Challenge

I decided, about 13 years ago, that I needed to be more skilled in woodworking. I had, tucked away in my "keepsake" shoe box, this Christmas card that my dear friend, Tom Welch, had sent to me from the Holy Land. It possessed pressed wild flowers from the Holy Land. My dear friend had died from a freak accident, so the card was very special to me. I had kept it for many years but I decided to use it for my first box project.

This is the only box that I put a lining in and painted in gold paint. I wanted it to be special to me always.
I have made more boxes and I used pressed flowers that I made. My favorite flower was my antique green Rose and the box was Redwood. The green Rose is very unusual and because of its rarity, I always had to explain it. The reception was not especially warm for the green Rose, so I used other flowers.
This is the only box I kept. That year, for Christmas, I made boxes for everyone and they all had pressed flowers in the glass top.
I have not made any since. I guess I got it all out of my system.

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Phyllis said...

So many talents you have...there is always something new that you share. I guess what comes to my mind after reading this about your friend Tom, is that I am realizing you have had some pretty difficult losses in your life. Boxes can contain much that we carry around in our heads and hearts. Maybe they help us let go of some sorrows so our burdens feel lighter.