Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heat Wave Wipe Out

This is the Babies first heat wave. I do not use air conditioning. I do not like it. So, the Babies have get used to God's natural heat. They are finding moving around a little slow. I just had to record their movement or lack of movement.
They are in the way, as you can see. These rugs are runners. They are pathways to other parts of the house. I move around them, they slowly open their eyes and mew at me. The little sweet Babies.
The heat should be less tomorrow but we will still have the fires up to the north and to the south. The fires are far away but the smoke is with us.


patrice said...

They look like I feel today.
Too hot!!

Phyllis said...

I have heard about the heat and the fires from my daughters. Not a pleasant way to greet the new month. Your kitties are so, so sweet. I love it when you share photos of them together. Someone should paint them.