Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Dog Trial

This was a Dog Trial in the literal sense as well as the figurative sense. I belong to a small dog club. They schedule a yearly trial every August. This year's trial was August 8 and that is today. I did not want to participate but since there is such a small membership, I had to help. Last night I dreamt about how difficult it would be for me and how I found a way out of it. Wish fulfilment and cowardly. These people are my friends and they needed me to be there.
I had to work at the Rally table and I did the paper work. In Rally, where the dogs do a lot of different things all in one pass (such as sit, stay, down, jump over a "jump") the scoring is complex. The judge does the grading but I had to tally, put the time down, and also put down the losses. It was the first time doing it and it was a good distraction.
The above photo is someone preparing to go into the ring. This woman and her dog won second place.
The Parsons Terrier, the top photo, won first place and this dog won by only 5 seconds. It was pretty impressive. Aside from being the cutest dog that I saw today.
This shot is of people training and "going through the moves" one last time before they went into the ring.
That is how I spent my Saturday and Sweet Frida wanted to come with me but she stayed home.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Getting out is always good for a hurt spirit. Helping friends and being "in the world" is just good for everyone. My best to you.

patrice said...

I commend you for just getting out and being in a "dog" environment.

Phyllis said...

I hope you are doing okay. I have been thinking of you and wondering...I mailed the Mendocino literature today. You are brave going to a dog event. You must be a good, loyal friend too. I am sending you comfort and care.