Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homely Heart Warmers

Homely def: 1. Characteristic of the home or home life 2. Of a simple or unpretentious nature.
That is what I am showing today. These simple items give me great happiness. This top photo is my Hawaiian Bougainvillea.
This is Fat Willie Dixon. Mr Willie was named after a Blues singer. I do enjoy the Blues and this man was good, so is Willie. He looks like a fighter but he has an allergy to fleas and he like to really scratch. One flea will make him carry on fearfully. I have to put Advantage on him about every three weeks in summer. He is the sweetest of all my cats.
I took a slip of this Red Geranium from a bus stop. It is huge now and thankfully it is in a container. It is very dominant but I love red and it blossoms almost continually.
These are small pleasures but I find when I start to count my small pleasures, I have quite a long list.


patrice said...

That last sentence is one I want to remember;
"...when I start to count my small pleasures, I have quite a long list."

I think it be a pathway to contentment.


patrice said...

I forgot the word "may".

I think it "may" be a pathway to contentment.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Contentment...lovely. I find gratitude leads me to contentment.
I take geranium slips too....yours is a beautiful true red!

leilani said...

The best things in life are all the small pleasures that are with us through everything. The big remembered pleasures are bonuses that are often fleeting.

Phyllis said...

It is always a good thing to count small pleasures as it seems these are the things that bring us lasting happiness, comfort, and contentment.

I like Fat Willie Dixon. I have an all black cat named Willie too that is such a love and so sweet.

Nice, nice post.