Monday, August 24, 2009

The Chinese Way According to Annie

My sister loved paper and Chinese Medicine. I don't really know which one was predominant for her. If I had to guess, I would say paper. Paper would have been a metaphor for the thoughts of the world, private prayers, love letters, grocery lists and the holy words of the world's Bibles. She would really enjoy the sight of a blank page. She would take a page and decorate it and color it till it was something a person would keep and treasure. She made this book or scroll in the Chinese fashion for me. It also tells of the beliefs the Chinese have for good health.
"What is important about the day? What must get done? What is important about the future?
The four Chinese medicines."

"Sleep, rest.....exercise"


This is the book unfolded.
It is something that I want to keep and treasure. I keep it folded because, as much as I want it displayed, I feel it might fade. Lovely, lovely treasure.


phyllis said...

Yes, what a lovely treasure to keep and remember your sister who seemed like such a unique artist and deeply spiritual person.

patrice said...

She was so drawn to Asian culture, art and spirituality. And yes, paper, pens, the written word and imagery. I love that you are sharing some of these. It is new to me again.