Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rebellious or Luddite?

I just spent a good part of the weekend trying to put that machine that converts my analog TV into high definition. This threat that is coming Feb 9 that will scramble the air waves? I have to tell you that I did not vote for this, I am innocent.

I sound like a Luddite, and I am fairly fluent in technology, but this thing was not easy. First of all I have a rat's nest behind my TV. I have a DVD and a VHS. They are not a combo but separate systems. I had to handle that to make them both work. I installed the converter box for the DVD, I had to put on a switch to interact between the DVD and the VHS. They function fine. I did not go into a tizzy with either of those things. But, you have to remember that I had a choice in all that.

Then comes along the government telling me "Do or Die". My brain rolls over and says "Die because I will not conform". That was where I was this weekend. In my normal anti-government rebellion. I gave my self a good talking to and worked things out with my alter ego.

Yesterday I gave myself time off from my day job, ahem. And I worked to sets things aright.

Somehow, I have lots of cables left over. Sort of like repairing the watch and having a main spring still on the bench.

But the important part is...Ta Ta (that is magic talk) everything is working. I did it. Swearing and sweating seems to get the job done.

And the announcement on TV says "It is easy". Government talk for saying "Go buy a high definition TV and make it easy on yourself".

Ha! I fooled them.

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patrice said...

I love that you knuckled down, and didn't didn't just conform and buy a new TV. Does this make you a convert?
I live with a "media man" so we had already updated long ago.