Friday, January 30, 2009

Lucy's New Robe

Last year my son and his family moved to a "new" house. They are crazy about the house. It needs a lot of re-modeling, which they are doing. But the house is extremely cold. It has only a space heater in the wall between the living room and the hallway.
Right before Christmas, my daughter-in-law called and said that what the children really needed were robes. That was an excellent idea, as I still had time to make them.

I used an idea and pattern that I had made for my nephew. A simple robe with a shawl collar, but on the back I put the initial of my nephew. I did my nephew's in emerald green terry, with a royal blue initial. It wore extremely well through my nephew, my son and now my nephew's son. The robe has been around a long time!!

After the call to make robes came, the next Saturday I went to the fabric store and looked around. The terry cloth was of very poor color as well as quality. I skipped that. I went over to the aisle for fleece. There was an extensive amount. All the lovely colors that I could want. I made my decision for both of the robes. Pink for Lucy and red for Hollis. Lucy's initial would be in contrasting pinks and Hollis' initial would be orange. The combination of red and orange is something I find really exciting.
I had closed my shop for the 2 weeks of Christmas to New Year's, so I had plenty of time to do the work. It was such a joy to work on these robes. Knowing that they were needed helped a lot!

I have my special model doing Lucy's robe but the other model insisted it didn't fit (in a pique for it not being a toy. Christmas, remember!).

The last photo is my baby panther catching a fly. The sweet little darling.

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patrice said...

They look toasty warm. I especially love the drop shadow on the A.