Friday, February 13, 2009

Demon Kittens or How to Kill a Plant

In my kitchen I have a spot where I have kept plants for about 15 years. I have one plant that must be close to that age. I have a "Grow Lamp" above the plants and most of the plants have thrived. The thriving stop in the beginning of the year.

The lamp did not break, I did not stop watering or feeding. What I did do is get two adorable, sweet, defenceless kittens. These kittens started eating real food, instead of dried food. Their first "real" food turned out to be my leftover Christmas turkey. They obtained it easily. All they did was climb up my pant leg and threatened me with more damage. I gave in easily. The scars will heal and fade eventually.

Their little bodies metabolized this "real" food and they have grown. They are 4 1/2 months old now and they know their way around my kitchen.

First they jumped up to counter where food was prepared. They insisted on supervising. Chester would be placed on the floor and he would jump right back. I do testify that he is a bully! They then jumped onto the counter where the plants where enjoying a peaceful life. I used to have beautiful plants, untrammeled by small claws and teeth.

At Christmas time I received a red Amaryllis bulb in this terrific planter. It started to grow. Every day I would look at the plant and think about the people that gave it to me.
Then "they" took over the kitchen. Two nights ago, the bully kittens knocked over the planter.

The long, beautiful leaves were damaged. The bud seems to be fine, but the plant demanded that it be removed from the kitchen.

The plant has taken refuge with its other friends that have been driven from the house.

Experts say that life will resume its quiet serenity, but not for a little while.

But for now the DEMON KITTENS are in charge!

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patrice said...

"Meow meow meeeooow! Meooo me ow ow mee...
Oew meow me mee!Meow meow meeeooow! Meooo me ow ow mee...
Oew meow me mee!"

Translated; We come from a long line of imperial feline warrior/companions and we need furious training and conditioning to fullfill our roles as guardians of the temple priestess. The highest quality food and demanding physical condition are requirements. Do not hate us!


P.S. "I am NOT a bully!"C-

P.P.S "The plant was pure accident. I was just excited. Sorry." P-