Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoop Dreams

This last two weekends, I have been working on a design that essentially is fun and eye catching but it needed a lot of refinement. Something that conceptually is so simple but it needs a lot of "body English" to pull it off.

It has taken two weekends to complete it. I make the pattern, make a sample. But here is the rub. The sample is never of the same fabric, so it does not act the same and I have to see past the differences to see if it is doing what I want.
Well, with a lot of twoing and frowing. I came up to the end and I am pleased with it.

What I consider unique with this design is that the flap acts as a lock or cover for the opening and when you open the bag, the flap goes over the hoop. The entire contents of the purse is open to viewing. It will be a lot easier to find that check book!

The bag fabric is a gold and black basket weave. The lining is cotton, imported from Japan. Actually, it was brought in by this lovely Japanese lady that shuts her shop down for a month every year. She goes to visit her Mother (who must be close to 90) and her sisters. She is charming, very old school and formal. I can barely understand her. Most of her customers are immigrants from Japan. We bow to each other and smile. Words by each, no one really can figure out what the other is saying. But it feels good. The lining fabric is a traditional Japanese print. I loved the "romance" of the colors and subject....cranes. The cranes symbolize mating for life, devotion and continuity. All ideas that appeal to me.

The carving is yellow Jade. It is an old carving of a dragon. Since the design seems to cut across cultures, I knew that I had to buy it and use it on this purse.

It was a good experience.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Okay, now this is my favorite for sure! I love the design, the flap is genius, the lining beautiful and the yellow jade , a keepsake! Great job!
I saw you over at Spirit Cloth...isn't her work fabulous! I love her imagination and of course, her workmanship is beyond description.

patrice said...

I love this one too.
I love the way it falls open so you can grab what you need easily. Classy & cool.