Friday, February 6, 2009

Dont Step on My Blue Suede Purse

This purse was the most difficult. Sewing leather takes all my attention and a little more. I found this wonderful leather in downtown Los Angeles. To me, it looks just like the color of "Blue Suede Shoes".
I dream in color, I think in color, I live by color. So, if I am going to make something I have to absolutely love the color, or the color combination. I am so involved with color that I have had fights about the quality of color or what a color is called. Maybe I am a little wacky in regards to color. Quien sabe?
Since I make my own patterns, this took a while to figure out. I lay a design out, throw it away, cut down or paste on more paper. Then if I still am in doubt, I will make a sample and make adjustments if necessary. I think, that deep down, it is the process that I enjoy.
The other side of the purse is a duplicate of this side. The inside of the purse is the same design only in black Moire and blue Shantung silk. With lots of pockets. I like large purse that will hold everything, even a pocket book, so it measure 11" wide and 12" long.
Where you see the button, that is a flap covering a cell phone pocket. The other side has the same pocket.
I was really happy to finish this. I still don't know if I set the bar to high but at least I got to the top and it is complete.


patrice said...

I like a nice big bag too, except mine gets a bit heavy. I'd like to reach out and feel this one. It looks lightweight. Is it?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this very much...the blue is so beautiful. Speed is not the reason for creating...I'm with you...who cares how long it takes as long as it takes!!