Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My "Felted" Life

I had a vision for this bag and it pretty much came to me in a dream.
Please forgive any mistakes as I have two "babies" on my lap and keyboard. It inhibits the finger and brain action.
Back to the bag, I love felt. I like how black and white it is. It doesn't fray, it remains in the same shape (maybe a little stretched but essentially the same). the edges do not have to be bound, in fact the edges can become part of the design. Felt is really quite "plastic", it becomes what you want it to be.
The straps are cord that I found in a drapery shop. The cording was an experiment and it worked out well.
I love that button. It is a shell button with the sewing eye cemented on the back. I love that button so much, I may replace it with something else; just so I won't have to part with it. Doesn't that sound a little nuts? That button has been with me since I made a silk coat dress when I was 21. It was a beautiful dress that I finally gave to Goodwill. That was the spare button but it lets me remember the dress in all its newness.
Back to the purse, It is lined with white felt and red felt. It has two gray felt pockets on the inside. It measures 13" across and 11" down.
It was a lot of fun to make and I crossed some design bridges to complete it. That all adds up to a "fun" purse for me.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is an absolute "charmer". I love everything about it and especially the button. It makes perfect sense that it came to you in a dream!

patrice said...

I *heart* felt.
And claim the button before someone falls in love with it.