Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Talk About Fun!

I have not had this kind of fun since I was 9 years old. Truly, I had forgotten how much fun it was to make doll clothes. This is like taking time out of life. It is like sinking into a hot tub with a good book. I had so much fun.
Since I am always at a loss what to do for my sweet granddaughter, I rely on her mother. On Saturday my daughter-in-law told me that Lucy had been asking her to make doll clothes for her precious baby doll. My daughter-in-law is Always extremely busy, between work and home life, she had no spare time to do this. I gladly accepted the request.
When my sister and I were tweenies ( eight years and ten years), there was a very popular doll called a Vogue Doll. It was not a storybook doll and it wasn't a baby doll. It was some where in between. It came with a dress and that's it. We decided that we would make more clothes. We would go up to Sprouse-Ritz (a five and dime store) and ask the lady to cut four inches of this fabric and four inches of another fabric. When I think of the patience that woman had with two young girls, I am grateful and try to pass that patience on. I learned so much about sewing from making doll clothes and gradually moved on to clothes for me. So, I forgot the fun and freedom of making these small bits of cloth into little dresses.
Lucy will now have a few changes and night wear for her favorite doll. And I had fun doing it, which is the absolute bonus of it all.
I wish you all the fun I had with the doll clothes in your labors to give the best.
Merry Christmas


patrice said...

Oh! The seven year old in me is very, very jealous!
Merry merry!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I feel the joy in your every word! The clothes are darling and as you said you had fun too...best gifts ever!

beadbabe49 said...

Your granddaughter is very lucky to have such a giving grandmother...

Happy Holidays, pat!

Phyllis said...

This is what I did last year for my granddaughter and it was such fun! I had the same evolution in my sewing as you did. When young, I made doll clothes and then moved on later to the satisfaction of making my own clothes.

I think this gift is twofold. A granddaughter gets a gift and so do you by your thrill and fun in making these doll clothes.