Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a Willie Dixon Christmas

This Christmas card was given to me by my sister. This cat looks just like my Willie Dixon, who was 17 years old in June.
He is a darling and very, very dear. I got him from a pet store and two days later he became very ill. I thought he had died and did not have the courage to take him to the vet and hear the cruel fact that he left so soon. So, my son took him and the vet said, after giving him and injection said "Well, give him this paste. Offer it every hour and give him good water as well and maybe he will live". Little Willie lost all of his hair and looked very funny. But slowly he started to regain his health. Because of his hairless condition, I would put him in my smock. I would open the front of it and hike it up to form a pouch and I would carry him like that for an hour or more. He would stay warm and feel the love. It took him a long time to recover from his early problems and he is still very allergic to fleas but for the most part, he is fine.
Oh Sweet Willie, you have my heart.


Phyllis said...

I have a sweet Willie too. Give me an animal story any day, and I absolutely melt. What a story to cherish. Thanks heavens your son took him to the vet. I would have been afraid to take him too for the same foreboding thoughts. How sweet that you carried him around like that. I think that alone is what helped him survive, your love and tenderness. Thank heavens there are animal lovers such as you in the world!

Phyllis said...

P.S. How is Shaw doing???