Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beauty In All Its Glory

There a quite a few paintings I have felt faint from looking at, but there is only one where I have felt that I fell into a whirlpool and was lost. Last year Los Angeles Museum of Art had a show of Klimpt paintings. This was right after the suit with Austria was settled and the family once again gained custody of the painting. I went to see the show with my darling niece and my son. We were able to go on a day when it was for members only. I prefer that because there are fewer people to come between you and the artwork.
We walked in and there it was. The glory of the work was overwhelming. I don't know if I breathed or not. The impact was glorious. This is my favorite work of art. I lose myself in the mystery and passion that Klimpt showed for this woman. The work is so sensual that it pulsates. It is glorious!
Now imagine my delight and surprise when I received this Christmas card!!!!!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I know just what you mean...I saw walls of his work in Austria years ago...spectacular!

beadbabe49 said...

He's been a major inspiration of mine for many years but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing any pieces in person, you lucky gal!

Phyllis said...

Yes, his work is absolutely amazing and I have never been able to see anything in the original. How lucky you were to be able to experience this.