Thursday, November 5, 2009

Work(s) in Progress

I have two works in progress. What was I thinking? I truly don't know. I just got so excited by the "Ribbon" purse that I started it and then came across a problem with the loose weave of the ribbon that I have to make a few changes. And while I was doing the changes, I decided that I needed a distraction. So I began something that I have wanted to do since I read my first Jane Austen novel at fourteen. I wanted to make a "Reticule". The dictionary definition is a lady's draw string bag. Somehow Jane Austen drew a picture of it for me with words. But I have never made one. This one is three different weaves of lace and the body is going to be taffeta. I dyed the lace and the "drawstring" so that they would all harmonize with each other. I wanted three different shades of orange. There is a lot of hand work to this but that seems natural, considering the era that I am trying to emulate.
The "Reticule" is giving me a lot of pleasure and the "Ribbon" bag is still giving me minor upsets.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Like the lace! I always get excited when I see one of your projects beginning...!

patrice said...

I love where this one is going. I also like the "form" you are using while you work.
I'm an Austen fan myself.

Phyllis said...

Lace is my downfall. I cannot resist buying beautiful lace when I see it. I love your color idea and the effort to dye the pieces to fit your creative idea. This will be so beautiful, and I can imagine it is very satisfying. The era of the reticule was very special. Jane Austen is definitely one to treasure anytime.