Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rememeber the Red Flags!

This about the size of the worm that invaded my computer yesterday. Not very big but VERY invasive. I received an email from someone that I had "red flags" about, but since I wanted to have good relations with, I went ahead and opened the email.

Guess what? When you get "red flags", they usually are correct. This little worm took over my computer. I completely lost control. I couldn't open the Internet, I couldn't open my word processor, and I couldn't even play a solitaire game.

Fortunately, I have Norton Symantec. I called and for a "certain" amount of money, they remotely cleaned cleaned off all the porn sites that were placed on my computer, took out all the "cookies" and supposedly made it run faster.

I am now up and running and maybe a little wiser!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Ugly little thing and expensive and aggravating...glad you are back in the game!

Phyllis said...

I always worry about these things happening. One never knows. It would seem we all are vulnerable to this.