Sunday, November 8, 2009

Am I Crazy?

I had admired this Marble topped Walnut dresser many years ago. The friend that owned the dresser was getting rid of it. Naturally I said " Oh, why don't I take it?"
With the fine memory of it confirmed in my mind, I drove my little truck over and picked it up. I didn't realize that it was as heavy as it was, with the marble on top but we were able to secure a neighbor to assist me in the moving. But in moving of it the marble came off the top and slide into the truck onto the packing blanket. That made things possible for me to handle it easily.
I did not have the time to examine it for a few days but when I did, I thought "What, are you crazy?" there a many things wrong with it and I will have to find new moulding or make it. I will have to replace two different mouldings, create another piece and stain it. Yikes. But it is old and the marble still looks good and every drawer has a lock on it. Not that that is important but it does tell the approximate age. So, I will keep going on it and try to think of it as a lovely holiday.


Phyllis said...

No you are not crazy!! This is a great piece, and I think you will not regret taking it. It has such a great design and the wood has a great patina. It has character! Much better than anything new.

patrice said...

Oooh. Lovely!
And yes, but no crazier than the rest of us.

beadbabe49 said...

It is a beautiful dresser and it sounds like it will be even more beautiful when you finish working on it.