Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vestige of my Youth

Somehow throwing my iron in the refuse bin does not seem like the proper thing to do to an old friend. I purchase this iron the first week of moving to Los Angeles. I went to the May Co. and bought it. I had brought my sewing machine but a seamstress needs an iron! That year was 1967. When I say it like that, it makes life zoom by. But this iron has been a trusted friend for 42 years. My goodness! But it always worked. The steam always came out and I never had even a thought of getting a new one. "When it ain't broke, don't fix it" is sort of my motto.
Well, yesterday, my trusty iron said that it couldn't go any further down the road. And I had to get on my horse and look for another. I was surprise to see how large the irons have gotten. I don't know if that makes them better or not but I will find out.
New is not always better!!!!!!


Phyllis said...

Oh I must tell you that my heart goes out to you. I cannot believe you have had your iron for so long! It must seem like a member of your family. I always longed for a good, really solid, reliable iron and I have never had one. I cannot tell you how many irons I have had in my lifetime. So to see you had owned an iron that was so steady for so long is almost unbelievable. So...what kind of iron was it? I am very curious. Now I am suspecting that you are very careful with your things because I always drop my irons off the ironing board several times before they start spitting at me. Irons do not like me!

Pat said...

Hi, When I bought this iron it was probably very cheap. I was setting up my first apartment and living alone for the first time. The iron was a Proctor-Silex and they are still in business. And, I always emptied it after using distilled water. That is until recently when I got lazy!