Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Light Hearted Tuesday

Years ago, when I was taking care of my father, working in the shop and shouldering life's problems, I felt overburdened. I probably was a burden to my sister, being so downhearted. Then one Saturday morning, I had gone to the local farmer's market to by strawberries. Strawberries were a favorite of my father's. I was in the kitchen rinsing and coring the strawberries. And out of the blue a very small Butterfly flew out of the basket. It was a blue Butterfly. It flew around the kitchen. As it flew, it gave me great hope that life would once again become free and happy. it showed me that I needed only to change how I looked at life to have life look better. The story of the Butterfly was so important to me that I could not delay in telling my sister about it. My sister commemorated this event in my life with this wonderful book mark.
Every time I see this bookmark, it reminds me that life is how we perceive it. It can be bad or it can be good. It is only a matter of perception.

The writing on the side of the book mark says "Strawberries give birth to Butterflies" Mother's Day 1994.


patrice said...

I've never seen that one, or heard the story.

Phyllis said...

Beautiful!! I love the story and all the stories that you share.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a beautiful story...not only of the butterfly but the beauty of being "heard" by Annie! A true keepsake!