Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I am Doing Now

I am making another purse. It seemed like I had lost my way in all the family sewing I have been doing.
I made a robe for my grandson, I made a robe for my Darling Niece for her birthday. I did not photograph it because what can you say about a robe. Except for the fabric was from Japan. It was amazingly beautiful cotton quilted fabric. It was only 40" wide, it created a lot of re-thinking on laying it out. I put seam binding on all the seams (which I made). Lots of work. And then I sewed all the seams down to the backing of the quilting. Lots of work. But I put in love on every stitch and that way it felt good.
My Darling Niece looks beautiful in it and may she wear it and enjoy it for many years.
All that to say I spent around 2 -3 weeks working on the robe. Before that it was pajamas for my Darling Niece's darling daughter, before that it was a robe for my darling grandson and also various alterations for friends and family. Doesn't that tell a story of living?
Back to the new purse. I got this wonderful fabric at FIDM when I was with my Darling Niece a couple of weeks ago. I picked it up and it sang to me and now I am
pursuing that song. The Chinese carving is too perfect not to be included. I am having a good time. It is supposed to be like this, isn't it?


Katherine said...

Oh, this is going to be a real beauty. Love the fabric with that Chinese carving. Wow. Have fun with your new project, Pat!

patrice said...

Yes, it's supposed to be like that!

Phyllis said...

What beautiful materials you are working with. An how meticulous is your work. Slow processes bring much reward and pleasure.