Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is For Annie

My Great Niece Annie and I have a great fondness for cats. She especially likes my Black and White twins. Her mother and Annie came down a week after I got these two kittens.
This is the black one, Chester. He is a darling but it takes so long to make the bed or put clothes into a basket. He is always there, right in the middle. When I make the bed I try to be very quiet or he runs in to get under the covers so I can flap them over him. Life takes more time with him but is definitely more fun.


patrice said...

I love what you posted and I love your cats and I love the jammies.
My kitty "jumped" in the bath tonigt and it was surprising for him. His face was like horrified.
He's just so cute and dry now.
He once jumped off the bed to catch a fly.

Phyllis said...

I had a cat once that loved the bed-making habit as much as Chester. I would also creep into the bedroom very quietly in order to quickly make the bed, but it never failed, my Carver was always there to hide under the covers. All cats are so different and have such unique personalities. Unless you have had cats, most people do not believe this. Chester is such dear.


Our Tuxedo cat, Miss Fritzie loves to play when I am putting on clean sheets. Just like your cat, It's such a game.