Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carved Jade and Macrame'

This is my "Laid Back" purse. I saw the fabric at FIDM and they had macrame' belts. Immediately, I saw how I wanted to make this bag. It took a while, because I had so many other projects to finish. But that didn't stop me from playing with the fabric and belts when I got home. It was then when I opened a drawer next to my cutting table I saw the Jade carving. My breath left me (sometimes I get over dramatic!). But it really was a perfect moment when everything comes together. The Jade has the exact colors of the fabric.
I lined the bag with a pumpkin pie Silk. I also put in three pockets. I fell in love with pockets as a very young child. There is a pocket for cell phones, keys and pens. All those things that end up on the bottom of the bag.
Well, back to the real world and onto the next robe. This will be for Lucy, my granddaughter.


patrice said...

It's gorgeous!
I'm dying to take a peek inside and see that pumpkin spice silk!
I think it's very classy.
Perfect craftmanship,
as usual.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It just made itself!! Not really, thank goodness for you putting together these beautiful elements. The carved jade is so so beautiful.

Run Lori Run said...

You can never have too many pockets in a purse. I am always losing my cell phone in the abyss which is the bottom of my purse!