Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Lauren

A fellow blogger and cat lover recently lost a most beloved cat. She made a beautiful tribute to this lovely, and loved cat. The pictures that were posted show the sweet nature that the cat possessed. And, maybe because Lauren was a "Black and White" , I felt it most deeply. My sweet Roxanna has been gone for two years and I still feel it deeply.
As a tribute to this wonderful cat, Mendofleur made sachets for the Doctor and his staff. And very wonderfully, I received one also. From one cat lover to another, I am very touched. It is very beautiful and the Lavender smells wonderful. I will treasure this sachet and think of Lauren as well as my Beautiful Roxanna.


patrice said...

I know how you feel about a black & white...
It is a lovely gift.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

awwww.. this is really sweet ! It would be so sad and difficult to deal with when such a lovely kitty is no longer purrring beside... I also have an orange/white sort of tabby or ginger cat named "Nemo", we rescued him from the humaine society.. Cats are SO SWEET =)
Thanks for such wonderful comment on my Angel painting, Pat ! I still can't believe I've painted her.. I think my angel painted her for me =)
I'm very happy with my little girl back to me.. and we're just going through the normal process of adjustment ! It's still very code here.. the weather.. can't wait til the spring comes ! xoxoxo