Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reverse ShopLifting

Now I must give credit where credit is due, and this idea came from my Darling Niece. I was given a box of fabric and included in this box was a lot of trim. I don not use trim in my sewing and when I do, I prefer to find my own. These pieces are lovely and I do like bright objects but I just don't feel that it goes with what I create. So, I offered the trim to my Niece. She told me she wouldn't use it either. Then we were discussing what could be done with all of it and I said that I could give it to FIDM downtown. Then she said, "Just put it in your bag and while you are there, pull it out and leave it on a shelf. Sort of like Reverse Shoplifting!"
I just might do it.


Katherine said...

HA! Quite funny! I'd like to see how the store reacts when a customer asks about it. I've dropped books I didn't want any more into my county library's return book slot before. Does that count?

Run Lori Run said...

What a good idea. I've often wondered what to do with scraps, trim etc that really could be used.

Kristin said...

That's too funny and I can totally picture it--the conversations and the reverse shoplifting. Having seen only two of your bags, I can't imagine you using them either, but someone will enjoy them.