Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Raw Silk "Took Forever" Purse

Here it is. The fabric is raw,raw silk. I have never seen anything like this silk. It barely retains its woven shape and had to be handled very carefully. I received this fabric as a gift and I wanted to give it the respect that it deserves, so it took a long time to figure out how to handle it. At first, I wove narrow silk scarves through the fabric. I was very pleased with the effect. But then the supplier ran out of the scarves and I had to pull every tedious scarf out. Then I decided that satin cording would work. I kept running out of the cording because I knotted it and had no idea of how much cording I would need. The average amount turned out to be 4 yards. Hard to believe, huh? And the average time to do one row of cording was four hours. I used a crochet hook to pull it through the fabric.

It went quick quickly after the knotting was done. It has a flex frame closer and a braided fabric handle. I used navy blue satin for the lining.
I did find that photographing was difficult. The subtle colors of the fabric do not show up. The basic color is a dark gray with blue in it and the there is pink and black.
Now, I get to change gears and make something else. Oh happy day!


Katherine said...

Wow. This beauty sounds like a true labour of love. It's lovely and was worth every hour you spent on it.

patrice said...

I love the shimmering look of thid bag!
All of the work you put into it adds up to a simple, refined look.
Can't wait to see which direction you go in next!