Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting the Hang of "Funk"

I have thought a lot about that skirt that I made for Lucy and have not been pleased with the memory. So, I gave myself permission to make another. And this is the result. I am much happier with this one. I imposed the same parameters on myself as the last one. I had to have all the parts in my stores. I now think that the first skirt was just practice.


patrice said...

I like your take on Funky!
She'll look great in this.
(I thought the last one did too.)

Run Lori Run said...

That is so awesome. I had a skirt like this when I was a teenager, wish I still had it...and could fit into it!

Phyllis said...

Yes, this is more funky and I like it equally as well. Ditto about the Anthropologie number here as well.

Katherine said...

How fun and funky is this skirt! You are a whiz at making unique and beautiful fabric works of art, Pat.