Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Clear One's Palette

In order to clear my mind, I wanted to make something small but attractive and useful. This is a make-up bag. I liked the selvage and the colors that show, so I included it into the bag. A while back I ordered so zipper pulls from Etsy. This one came from Israel but I don't believe that they were made there. They are brass and smooth. They feel old and well treasured. The fabric is rather unique. It is a Cotton and synthetic combo. The hand of the fabric is quite soft and smooth. But what is so special is the weaving of the fabric. One side has only a manila and black stripe and the other side had a thread of red in it to make a tattersall pattern.
It measures 7 x 7. Not big but not small.
I thought that making this that I would be happy to get back to the one that had been put on hold a while back.


patrice said...

Love the simplicity of this fabric and the size.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like the red threads making it a plaid. Nice size and shape and so smart to divert your attention from one to another...I need to do that more.