Monday, July 26, 2010

The Trial

I belong to a dog club. We will be having an obedience trial in August and you all welcome to come. We are a small club, so we all do what we can to make the trial successful. It is American Kennel Club sanctioned trial so we have to perform in a certain manner. But one of the ways that the event become our own is that we have a raffle. This year I decided to donate a purse.
I have been worrying about this for months. I went this way and then had to change course.
I have come to the end of the mental road and now must proceed in this physical world. I am going to make a tote. In photo you will see the fabric and also you will see photos. I am going to transfer the images to fabric and then adorn the sides of the tote. These photos are Keeshonds that belong to an extremely lovely club member and the tote will go to her after the trial. I am going to say at the raffle table (with a placard) that this tote is an example of what a person will get if they are the winning ticket. And yes, their dog would be on the tote. Essentially, I will make two totes. During the nights, when I am beating myself up, I tell myself that this is for a good cause. I now have all the needed pieces and I can proceed.
May I have a little drum roll.............

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beadbabe49 said...

why, yes! (but I didn't realize you had a dog!)