Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blouse for Lucy

I am going to send Hollis' jacket to him. But remembering when I was a child, I couldn't send something to Hollis without sending something to Lucy.
This little blouse is made from scraps. I was given a lot of fabric that I still have not re-cycled to someone else. This Blouse is a composite of three fabrics. The pieces were all to small for any purpose. I measured it all out and found that twisting this way and that, I could come up with a whole blouse. The Geraniums were cut from a small piece but the colors were so harmonious that I had to include them. I wasn't sure that Lucy could pull this over her head, so I put in a short zipper.
I sure hope that she will like it.


Phyllis said...

I scrolled down to see what you have been up to with your sewing projects. You have been busy!! I love the jacket you made as well as this beautiful blouse. I also love the photo of your kitty with the jewel necklace. Sorry I have been gone so long. I hope you catch up sooner or later.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

So true about gifts and siblings...the blouse is adorable and the jacket perfect! Gifts with love!