Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Magical Kingdom -

This is a brass sculpture, one of a grouping of foxes at play in the park that is in the enclosure at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. There are many sculptures and works of art that inspire the students and the families that come to the park.
I couldn't get a better grouping of the "Fox Family at Play" (my title). The ground has little hills in order to segregate the areas.
The College works with the fashion industry. This includes donations of last years fabrics and of course interns. The college also has a scholarship store for the students who subsidized their tuition. Students work in the store and also get a better price for whatever they buy. That is how it should be. I have seen students come into the store to get fabrics for their projects and stop and pick up some piece of clothing as well.
The funny part for me (when I am talking with these students that work in the store) is remembering how I was once a design student in San Francisco.

This is the clothing side of the store. Many years ago the store was just one long room with the fabric in the back of the store. Sometimes, I think that it was more exciting that way. The workers would haul out boxes of fabric and before it could reach the tables or racks, people would be grabbing the good stuff. But now the students of the merchandising part of the school get a hand in how the store is run.
Now, this is what I go to the store for, rolls and rolls of fabric. 60" wide, $ 1.00 a yard. Yes, I did say $ 1.00 a yard. Yeah! ! If you want to try a idea out and it doesn't work out as you would have wanted, no big deal. Throw it away. You only lost maybe $ 3.00. And you had the wonderful experience of working out an idea. Profit both ways.
I don't always find anything that starts my heart to sing but that is also part of the treasure hunt feeling that carries me down there. There are times that I want to drown myself in the beauty that I bring home. But there are other times when it is just so so.

These are the notions. In order not to miss anything that will be useful now or at a later date, every card has to be appraised.
Now this is one of the tricks. Always wear a watch. Time has a habit of escaping notice. The parking meters go for $3.00 and hour. And they only take quarters or smaller. If your wallet carries 12 quarters it weighs a ton. I have never had that much foresight to have that many quarters and there isn't a place around to make change. Be prepared to dash in with all your clear thinking and be able to run when the meter goes off. They ticket on Saturdays. I can testify to that.
But, what fun!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

My pulse rate skyrocketed...what fun!The trims would be my focus.

patrice said...

I told you not to say a word about our "secret" Pat!
Finding FIDM really kicked my sewing up a notch or two since I wasn't having to spend so much money to experiment and try out different ideas.
I've kept Annie in clothes for years, decorated my house and offered fabric gifts and projects for my students, all because of FIDM.