Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tweaking Past History

I made this purse a while back. I had found this light weight cotton with the roses on it. It seemed to capture what I thought of as very old fabric. The print pricked at my memory, as if I had seen it in a past life. Some fabrics do that to me. Sometimes I find the explanation. Once when I was about 18, I saw an Indian rug by the name of Numda (sp?). It is a felted rug with embroidery on it. I couldn't get it out of my consciousness. I told my mother about this experience and she said that when I was about 8 months old (not quite walking) she would place me on this rug to sit in the sunshine. But since it was old and had holes in it, she discarded it.
I never found the explanation for this red fabric.
The fabric was never enough for a shirt but I kept it anyway. I decided that if I put it together with red quilted fabric, it would have enough body for a purse. The gathered fabric is Grosgrain ribbon that I sewed together. That part was very fun. I finished the bag but was never very pleased with it. I made a smaller eyeglass or cell phone bag, but that did not make me any happier. It seemed like it was an adventure that went no where. But it kept itching at my brain.
All it needed was tweaking. I opened it on the inside and put in red grosgrain to tighten the whole thing.
I am now happy with it.


patrice said...

Georgia O'Keefe had a memory of sitting on a blanket outdoors under age one, just like you!
I love the accessories and the grosgrain.

Run Lori Run said...

Beautiful bag. Red is my very favorite color.