Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fate or The Angel vs. the Hound of Hades

I call this special creature "Angel of Heaven" but her earthly name is Penelope. She tells me that she is very delicate and upsets easily.
This strong looking fellow name is George Bernard Shaw or as the SPCA called him "Bruiser". I immediately changed it to a respectable name, one I would not be embarrassed in public to announce. Later, like one day after he came home with me,I found out that is a sweet darling of a dog. His main, major problem is that he likes to be with me. I say "problem" because he is always looking for me. When he knows where I am, he will relax and go to sleep.
My dogs are outside dogs and my cats are inside cats. Never the twain should meet!
However, sometimes, me as Fate intervenes. As this morning, ahem!!!
I walk my dogs because it is fun to go out with them and they love it. I cannot walk both because then I am outweighed almost double. They are big dogs and if they both decide to take the lead and I am holding the leash, I would have to go with them. If I walk one at a time, then it is fine, I am in control.
This morning my house door did not close all the way and I did not check it. I feel very bad about that and I promise to try harder.
When I was walking Frida, Mr Shaw pushed the door open and began to look for me. I was not there but the cats were. Oh, woe is me. Poor Angel of Heaven is terrified of dogs and she immediately disappears and so does Chester. I get back and realize my very big mistake. I get Shaw out of the house and start to look for the cats. Chester comes out right away but it took a lot of pleading and apologizing on my part for Penelope to appear. She was so upset that she wouldn't eat. I promised her Fancy Feast and that I would never, never let that happen again.


patrice said...

The poor little kitty!
He must look like a giant wolf to her, especially since never the twain shall meet.
Maybe she needs lobster?

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Oh, my...poor wee kitty... Let's hope the twain shall never meet again! Extra helpings of love all around!!

My kitties and dog often share the same bed (the doggy bed), they have no choice but to share! It's sweet to see the cats licking their doggy-buddy's ears, or the dog gently nibbling them on their heads with his little front teeth (there are times when the cutness factor is off the charts!)

Tho' I fear my dog has forgotten that he is a dog...I think we need to get another dog...that should give the kitties a bad case of bushy tail!

Phyllis said...

Oh dear. I hope you have all your dogs and cats safe at home now. I always worry about losing one of my cats, knowing I would never recover from the loss.

Run Lori Run said...

Fancy Feast makes everything better.

We have three cats but if I even got a dog (my cats would go into cardiac arrest) I'd get a German Shepherd GBS. He is gorgeous!